Wednesday, February 22, 2012

0 to 6 Years Old Baby's Spatial Intelligence Development

Spatial intelligence is eye's sensitivity of relationships between space and lines, colors, shapes, and third dimension, and able to presented these received visual messages in brain. Visual - spatial intelligence is the integrate capability of observation, image force, sense of beauty, sense of space, sense of direction and a variety of capacities. People with outstanding spatial intelligence accumulate large amounts of visual and spatial images in the brain, to provide materials for development of imagination and creativity, easier to understand the more abstract point, line, plane and other plane geometry and solid geometry theories, and generally excellent in mathematics in future. They will also have a good sense of direction, space, color, lines, and in daily life able to remember road and people easily, have good grasp of visual elements, and perform better in drawing, construction, molding, clothing and graphics memory and future career tends to design kind of work.

Children of weaker spatial capability have lower master degree of spatial orientation and other visual elements. Spatial intelligence is in charge of occipital region of the brain, and the development of occipital region concentrates on 0 to 6 years old. Therefore, purposely stimulation and development of baby 0 to 6 years old contribute to spatial intelligence, allow baby more keen observation and learning more responsive. If parents want to know whether baby has excellent spatial intelligence development, you can observe his daily behaviors. The following are six characters of excellent spatial intelligence.

First, like beautiful pictures, colors, and easy to be attracted, this means children already have sensitivity and rough distinguish ability to pictures and colors.

Second, like to use building blocks and clay to shape ideas in mind. This means that baby already has enough space structure ability and could bring virtual ideas into real life.

Third, like to graffiti, try matching of different colors, and use pictures to express their inner thoughts. In graffiti, children can express their thoughts through combination of lines. Children love graffiti usually able to establish a complete space concept.

Fourth, love and be good at puzzles and combined toys. Excellent puzzle ability requires strong line and color sensitivity.

Fifth, have great sense of direction. Baby able to recognize prominent marks immediately in places visited several times, and can quickly identify directions in a strange place.

Sixth, be good at "maze", "look around" and other puzzle games. This means that children already have certain logical thinking ability.

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