Monday, February 20, 2012

Toys Suitable for Development of 0 to 1 Year Olds

There are different standards choosing toys for baby at different stages. Toys being musical, colorful, sturdy, non-toxic, health and easy to play will benefit baby's perception, action, as well as physical and mental development. This article provides you with the following tips to choosing toys for baby 0 to 1 year old.

Birth - 3 months

At this stage, baby's hearing and vision begin to focus and can pay short time attention to colorful toys. Mothers should hang big colored balls, bells and flag etc. on the top of baby with height of 40-70 centimeters. Change the suspension position of toys constantly and attract baby's attention from all directions.

4 - 6 months

At this stage, baby's eyesight will be caught by moving toys or walking people and has directional response to sound. Hands begin to learn to grip suspension toys and play with toys. Baby this time is busy seeing, listening, griping and weaving hands. Therefore, parents should select toys colorful, sound, non-toxic, can bite, and easy to grip. Let baby watch chandeliers, hanging spin toys, rattle bell with a handle, non-toxic rubber toys, cloth toys, entertainment toys for watching, such as tumbler, baby piano, panda drums and other mobile toys.

7 - 9 months

Baby at this stage can already sit alone, learn to climb, use hands-eye coordination ability to grip, weave thing, and beat toys, especially prefer to throw things on the ground and pick up. After 8 months, baby has begun to identify the nature of toys, know how to play toys, such as to hug doll, beat drum, and roll the ball. Baby this time should sit or crawl on the bed to play. There are lots of toys for baby at this stage such as rattle bell, blocks, doll, stacking bowl, small drum, bells, piano, and ball, etc. let him play in front of the small table. In order to train the baby crawling, parents should choose some moving toys, such as plastic ball, balls and small moving cars and other toys to attract crawling babies to catch and chase.

10 - 12 months

Baby at this stage has been able to crawl skillfully and learn to stand and walk. Baby can also pick up bead with thumb and index finger. Toys selected this time should be able to help baby learn to walk such as baby walker, small handcart, pull toys, balls and animals, and other toys training fingers such as building blocks, roll collar, small tableware, hollow wooden plug, and dolls.

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