Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toys Suitable for the One Year Old Baby

First, kinds of balls easy to grasp and made of soft materials such as rubber, plastic or foam etc.; sound toys, slides, baby carriage, small pulling cars, toy telephone, small xylophones, small drums, metal pots, and metal plates, squeaky rubber toys and not easily torn cloth books.

Second, animal toys, inflatable tumblers, pull toys with music or voice, beat toys, large dolls, stuffed toys, toys can push and pull such as small cars, durable plastic cups, bowls, funnels and measuring spoon.

Third, foam pigment, simple puzzle games, simple building models, old magazines, baskets, esophageal or containers with lids, modeling clay, activity toys, such as small toy truck or toy train, working tools, kitchenware, puppet of varieties of roles, toy animals or dolls suitable for hug.

Fourth, choose some hands-on toys, such as tableware toys, small toys that allow baby to put into baskets, boxes, and take out; or provide some bottles or boxes with lid, let the child to open and cover.

Fifth, buying some sets of stacking towers, bowls, let the child to take apart and then set up, according to the order of sizes.

Sixth, balls, play balls can exercise body. One year old child could start to play balls, first playing small patting ball. Next is a small play volleyball, small football, badminton, playing with hands or kicking.

Seventh, blocks: in the process of playing blocks, children understand the graphics, learn the correct classification, improve their thinking skills and promote their intellectual development. Children can first classify blocks by various standards of colors, shapes or sizes, and then arrange them into complex games.

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