Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing silly putty inspiring baby imagination

Plasticine, the ever-changing modeling clay, like Harry Potter's Philosopher's Stone, make the baby's childhood more colorful. It benefits children from the following several aspects.

First, strong shaping and restoring ability

Plasticine has strong shaping and restoring flexibility. Compared to the other toys, plasticine is much more economic and resistant to destroy. So when parents are buying, they usually give the baby a can of silly putty to play alone. This makes the baby busy with playing, think freely and also make their little hands more and more flexible.

Second, open the door of imagination for the baby

In the beginning of play plasticine, even rubbing a long coarse stick with modeling clay will be an extraordinary work for the baby. They may imagine the stick as a long worm, a snake, or a chopstick, etc. Under the guidance of parents, the baby will complete doing a hemp flowers, a snail, a noodle, a fish etc. which greatly develop their imagination and improve their confidence.

Third, cultivate divergent thinking

For the 2 to 3 year olds, their self-awareness begins to increase. The plasticine being flexible, parents should let the baby full play himself and show the aggressively creation. Offer some auxiliary materials for the baby when it is necessary, such as toothpicks, feathers, promote the baby using his brains, better foster their divergent thinking.

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