Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Most Suitable Toys for Children

Children don't need to have too many toys, because it is not necessarily to bring real help to baby's mental and physical development. A good toy should provide children with a variety of ways to play and help baby to build a healthy body. The most suitable toys for babies should meet the following eight requirements.

First, the security is ensured. Toys should be non-toxic and have no sharp edges. The structures of each part should be sturdy and firm. Besides, ensure that the toys exclude harmful chemical composition and should not apply flammable materials. Toddlers and infants should be kept away from small parts or thin lines. Toy makers should ensure that the toys are of high quality and safe. Parents should pay attention to whether the method children play toys can be dangerous.

Second, open toys. Good toys have no limit on methods to play, and children can explore and develop their own ways. Child's character is different from person to person and should be respected. Open toys have no standard fixed playing methods. Therefore, baby will generate different new ideas at each growing stage.

Third, good toys can let children maintain long-term interest. The good toys will let children repeated play with various ways in different points of view. Children are always full of curiosity and they can often find new ways to play.

Four, good toys can stimulate sensory organ. For example, special music, different feel, bright colors, and lovely shapes can stimulate children's vision, auditory, smell and tactile sense. Children can also learn about the basic concepts, such as size, weight, color, balance etc.

Fifth, good toys are designed according to children of different ages. Toys should have differences for different ages and characteristics of children. Children like to play with toys that they can manage. Therefore, parents should buy toys according to marking using age. But if child has better hands-on ability, parents can choose toys with higher difficulty.

Sixth, perfect in workmanship. Good toys are usually made of high quality materials, with attractive design and fine workmanship. If the toy not sturdy enough and is destroyed easily, the child will be disappointed.

Seventh, good toys are able to play with others. Children prefer to play with partners or adults, therefore, good toys enable at least two children to play together. What's more, parents play together with children can promote parent-child interaction.

Eighth, good toys should make the child predominates. Children can learn from the active operation. If a child can gain successful experience from playing with toys, he'll feel a sense of achievement, thus he will be ready to become brave to pursue challenge.

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